LindsayRiley DESIGN

        Cohesive Brand Building, Graphic Design, Web Design, Product Design, Illustration, Typography, Animated Graphics, Commercial & Interior Design

All About Me

Hello ~ I’m Lindsay, an artist and graphic designer!

I specialize in branding, graphics, merch, media, website design, and interior design/fung shui. I have a background as an installation & performance artist with an education in painting, photography, movement, and fiber arts.

I’ve spent the last 5 years building, branding, and designing as a co-owner of Palm + Pine, a design house and indoor plant shop in Asheville, NC. I love working collaboratively and taking on projects for artists and clients looking to grow their businesses too! I specialize in logos, stickers, t-shirt design, web design, graphic animation gifs, album covers, koozies, keychains (and other fun souvenir-ish type things)...  pretty much any and all of the things that can help in creating an all-around cohesive business brand.

If you’re in need of anything specific or if you’re looking for a graphic designer, hit me up at at

Looking forward to hearing from ya! ︎